Sunday, August 07, 2016

Mind Sports Olympiad 24th August (Xiangqi)

Mind Sports Olympiad 2016, 21st-29th August 2016.

The annual festival of board game competitions and of mental skills, to be held at the venue JW3, 341-351 Finchley Road, London NW3 6ET.

Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) will take place on Wednesday 24th August, 10.15am-13.45pm, with award of gold, silver and bronze medals and prizes of £100, £75, £25 to the winners.

All events are open to spectators, free of charge, new comers are welcome.

For more details/registration, visit the,
tel +44(0)7939 592820

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

European Cup Xiangqi Championship in Scotland

The European Cup Xiangqi Championship 2016 will be held in
Edinburgh Scotland, here are some of the the details  :

1. Holder: European Xiangqi Federation (EXF)
2. Organiser: U.K. Chinese Chess Association
3. Co-organiser: Magna World Ltd (Scotland)
4. Supporter: Edinburgh Confucius Institute
5. Tournament date and venue: May 6-8, 2016
   Inglewood House Hotel,Tullibody Road, FK10 2HU,
   Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom
6. Competition Event: Team, Men’s Individual, Women’s Individual, Non-Chinese and Non-Vietnam (NCNV) Individual

Note that the numbers of players in a team is not limited. Each player will be charged £20 for covering partial organization cost.

Prize giving ceremony and grand dinner (Sponsored by Confucius Institute) will start at 17:00 on Sunday

How to get there:

By air, you can arrive at Edinburgh International Airport or Glasgow International Airport

By train, Virgin or Scots Rail to Stirling Station

By car, FK10 2HU, Tullibody Road, Clackmannanshire, 33 miles from Glasgow, 40 miles from Edinburgh

For more detailed information visit the webpage :

Monday, February 08, 2016

Go & Chinese Chess March 4th-6th In Dublin

Go & Chinese Chess Congress March 4th-6th 2016

The Irish Go Association working together with The UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland is presenting the 2016 Irish Confucius Cup tournaments, to take place once again at The Gresham Hotel right in the heart of Dublin’s city centre, and will be comprised of three tournaments:

– The Rapid Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Go Tournament
– The Confucius Cup Chinese Chess Tournament

The Chinese Chess tournament will consist of 7 rounds, 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

Venue of Tournaments:
The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

Rules: The Chinese Chess tournament is to apply the Asian rules.
Time Settings: 45 minutes basic plus 10 seconds increment per move.

Prizes: cash amounts will be awarded to the top five competitors:
1st place      €1,000
2nd place     €400
3rd place     €300
4th place     €200
5th place     €100

Registration is now open for the Congress. For the Confucius Cup, the entry fee will be free for the Chinese Chess tournament players. Please send entry to Mr Rory Wales, email:

Chinese Chess Schedules:
Saturday 5th March
Round 1: 10.15
Round 2: 12.30
Round 3: 13.45
Round 4: 17.00
(Simultaneous display by Professionals 18.00)
Sunday 6th March
Round 5: 9.00
Round 6: 11.20
Round 7: 13.30
(Games reviews by Professionals afterwards)




— — 围棋快棋比赛
— — 孔子杯围棋比赛
— — 孔子杯中国象棋比赛


The Ballroom Suite
The Gresham Hotel
23 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

规则: 中国象棋比赛将采用亚洲规则。

时间设置: 基本45分钟,每步加10秒。

奖励: 现金数额奖给成绩最好的五名棋手:

第一名 1,000欧元
第二名 400欧元
第三名 300欧元
第四名 200欧元
第五名 100欧元


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

UK Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) Championship 2015

                    2015   年   全   英   象   棋   锦   标   赛
                    UK Chinese Chess Championship 2015 

联合主办/Organizers: 英国象棋协会 (UK Chinese Chess Association) 
                                   华人社区中心 (Chinese Community Centre)

宗旨: 促进社区群众友谊,丰富人们康乐活动, 以棋会友,共同进步
Aim: Develop Friendship among all communities, promote cultural activities

日期: 2015年10月22日(星期四)上午11.00时到下午6.00时
Date :  Thursday 22nd October 2015 from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

地点/venue :  华人社区中心 / Chinese Community Centre,  2 Leicester Court
                    London WC2H 7DW 

中午: 免费午餐招待 / Lunch time :  free lunch arranged

交通/Transport :  最近地铁站--Nearest Underground: Leicester Square
        (步行仅一两分钟,just a walk of one/two minutes)

奖励/Prizes : 冠军125英镑及奖杯,亚军75英镑,季军35英镑,优秀奖20英镑
                   1st : £125 + trophy, 2nd £75, 3rd £35, merit prize £20

棋例/Rules : 亚洲棋例,5轮瑞士制,电脑编排、计分
                   Asian Rules, 5-round Swiss system, computer pairing/ranking

报名/Entry :  £10, 截止日期10月20日 (Closing date 20th October 2015)

联系/Contact : 黎生 电邮, 手机 07944927295 (短信/text)
                       华人社区中心 电邮, 电话: 020 7439 3822

I respect decisions of the Organizers, friendly to everyone, complete all games

Monday, December 08, 2014

Weiqi & Xiangqi Tournaments in Dublin February 2015

We thank Mr.Rory Wales, President of the Irish Go Association for informing us they are holding their annual Go tournament in Dublin on the 6th-8th of February 2015.

The Confucius Institute for Ireland, sponsoring the prestigious event, wishes to include a Chinese Chess Tournament at the same time as well, scheduled for 3 games on Saturday, and 2 games on Sunday.

For those who are interested, here is a link for more information about the event:  

Also in Chinese here:

The Tournament Organiser very much hope you can come along to it, and tell others who might be interested too!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

“少林杯” 全英象棋锦标赛10月举行

   2014年“少 林 杯”全英中国象棋锦标赛规程
   Shaolin Cup UK Xiangqi Championship 2014

   主办/Organizers: 英国象棋协会 (UK Chinese Chess Association)

   协办/Supported:英国少林寺 (Shaolin Temple UK)

   宗旨:增进棋艺爱好者友谊,丰富社区康乐活动, 以棋会友,共同进步
   Aim:  Develop friendship among all, promote cultural activities

   Date: Saturday 25th October 2014 from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

   地点/Venue:英国少林寺 (Shaolin Temple UK), 207A Junction Road,
               London N19 5QA

   交通/Transport: 地铁站-Underground: Tufnell Park (Northern Line)

   奖励/Prizes: £150, £80, £60, £40 plus junior prizes £30, £20

   棋例/Rules: 亚洲棋例,5轮瑞士制。Asian rules, 5-round Swiss system

   报名/Entry: £10, 截止日期10月23日(Closing date 23rd October 2014)
   语,不无故早退。Note: players to respect decisions of the Organizers,
   be friendly to everyone,complete all scheduled games)

Monday, September 15, 2014

The 6th Hanxin Cup to be in Hamburg this November

(棋讯) 第六届韩信杯国际大师邀请赛将于今年11月7日到11日在德国汉堡举行。

(Thanks to our Xiangqi friend from Germany sending following interesting article)


by Dr Rene Gralla

Germany is on its way to become the 2nd stronghold of XiangQi in Europe, just behind (ed.note: even overtaking) the United Kingdom. That fact has been highlighted by the premiere of an international tournament for teams of XiangQi that has been hosted by Berlin: the "1st World Open" took place from August 29th until August 31, 2014, and even Mr. Timothy Fok, the President of the World XiangQi Federation, flew in to the German capital in order to underline the significance of that historic event.

And now there will be one more premiere of a great event of XiangQi in Germany: This year's "6th Han Xin Cup International Masters Invitational Tournament" will not be battled out in China, but at Hamburg (!), Germany (!!), from November 7th until November 11th, 2014, in the Chinese teahouse Yu Garden thus being a kind of away game, from the Chinese point of view.

The German fans of XiangQi are thrilled by the up-coming Han Xin Cup in the big port city of Hamburg, and these days everybody is diligently studying the teachings of the great masters in order to get prepared for the open tournament that will be the accompanying event of the 6th Han Xin Cup at the beginning of November 2014.
One of those teachings that should be memorized is the timeless warning that one has to beware of the treacherous advisors - sometimes there is a palace intrigue, and the ruler of the palace is doomed because of his evil staff. 
The commander-in-chief of Red Army, Mr. Martin Berger from Leonberg near Stuttgart (Germany), sadly disregards that warning, thus giving the leader of the beleaguered Black Army, Mr. Rene Gralla from Hamburg (Germany), the chance to save the game that was fought out during the first round of the tournament "The Horse Of Hansa 2013" on August 17th, 2013, at Hamburg's scenic Yu Garden.

[Event "The Horse Of Hansa 2014"]
[Site "Hamburg, Germany"]
[Date "2013.08.17"]
[Round "1"]
[Red "Berger, Martin"]
[Black "Gralla, Rene"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO/OPENING "Central Cannon versus Screen Horse"] [RedElo "?"] [BlackElo "?"]

 1. C2=5
 2. H2+3
 3. R1=2
 4. P7+1
 5. H8+9
 6. C8=6
 7. R9=8
 8. R2+4
 9. P9+1
10. R2=4
11. R4=2
12. R2=4
13. R4=3
14. R3=2
15. R8+9
16. H3-1
17. C5=2
18. H1-3
19. A4+5
20. C2+3
21. C5=2
22. E7+5
23. P7+1
24. C2=4
25. H9+8
26. resigns 0-1


*with regard to Black move 12. ... P7+1 ?!? : that is a speculative sacrifice of that Black pawn with the idea to exert some pressure on Black line 7 (Red line 3) by the help of Black's doubled cannons ...

*with regard to Black move 14 ... C2=7 : here they are, those two doubled Black cannons!

*with regard to Black move 16. ... H2+3?? : Black has no time for that - Black overlooks the menace of the horrible pin 17.C5=2 ! ... , and that is a quite shameful goof ...

*with regard to Red move 17. C5=2 ! ... : that pin seems to be fatal, Black horse on Black line 8 (Red line 2) seems to be doomed!

*with regard to Black move 17. ... FC7+5 : a rather meager compensation for the eventual loss of Black Horse on Black line 8 (Red line 2), that "win" of the right-wing Red elephant ...

*with regard to Red move 19. A4+5?? ... : that is the decisive mistake though that move looks quite natural ... but now the treacherous (or stupid, maybe) Red advisors form that deadly wall that nearly kills Red General since it enables Black to save the game by a great tactical blow just two moves later ...

*with regard to Black move 19. ... C7=8 ! : that rather suspicious looking move keeps the material balance!

*with regard to Red move 21. C5=2 ?!? ... : now Red seems to assume that the pin will force Black to resign but ...

*with regard to Black move 21. ... C8=3 !! : that move exploits the position of the treacherous Red advisors who surround their boss so that he nearly gets killed ...

*with regard to Red move 22. E7+5 ... : Red can not play 22. R2+5 ?? ... nor 22. C2+7 ?? ... because of Black's follow-up 22. ... C3+5 and checkmate in both cases.

*with regard to Black move 23. ... P3+1 : Black thinks that - after he has won Red Chariot - it is more important to kill the Red Over-the-river-pawn rather greedily grabbing Red cannon ...

*with regard to Red move 25. H9+8 ??? ... : a goof in an already hopeless situation